Worldwide Wednesday: The 9 Hottest Brazilian Women

Worldwide Wednesday: The 9 Hottest Brazilian Women

Besides the epic landscapes, amazing food and picture perfect beaches, when we head to Brazil we go mainly to see the talent. And we ain't talking about the national futbol team. No where else on the planet can you find such a wide variety of women who are breathtakingly beautiful. Doesn't matter what you're into, Brazil has it. Remember Snoop Dogg's "Beautiful" video? Yeah, it's just like that.

We're not sure why it took us so long to do our salute to Brazil's hottest women (but did you see those Czech women?! Oww!), but here it is in all its glory, the 9 hottest females that the largest country in South America has produced. De nada!

#9 Mulher Melancia
Claim to Fame: Besides her Playboy Brazil cover shoot, you could catch Ms. Melancia on the hit Brazilian TV show "Super Pop" where she gained fame by teaching other Brazilian girls to pop that thang. And we thank her for that.


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