Remove Your Gun Before You Remove Your Pants

Remove Your Gun Before You Remove Your PantsImage via WebMD

This is the worst wardrobe malfunction imaginable. 

A Tennessee man accidentally shot himself in the chin on Sunday evening while he was taking off his pants. According to the Johnson City PressDeputy David Caldwell said he arrived at William Rood's home and found him bleeding from the mouth and nose. 

Rood told Caldwell that there was a .25 caliber Baretta in his right front pants pocket. Somehow, the weapon discharged after he took the pants off and placed them on the dresser, striking him in the chin and resting in his neck. 

After being transported to Elizabethton Airport, Rood was ultimately taken to the Johnson City Medical Center. Always remove and secure your firearm before doing anything, even the most basic of tasks like disrobing.

[via Johnson City Press]

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