Harvard Student Made Bomb Threat to Escape Finals

Harvard Student Made Bomb Threat to Escape FinalsImage via Wikimedia Commons

On Monday, four Harvard University buildings were evacuated following unconfirmed reports of bombs on campus. This turned out to be a hoax orchestrated by a student who didn't want to take finals. 

Eldo Kim, a 20-year-old sophomore psychology major, reportedly sent out an email 30 minutes before his exam claiming that two shrapnel bombs had been placed in four possible locations, including the building where his test was scheduled. 

Kim's final was ultimately cancelled, but law enforcement agencies all the way up to the FBI were involved. By the time the day was over, Kim confessed to an FBI agent, explaining that he included "shrapnel" in his email because it figured it would really scare people. It did, and now he's paying for it.

He faces five years in prison.

[via Gawker]

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