Who's Ready to Pay $3,600 for a Bottle of Whiskey?

Who's Ready to Pay $3,600 for a Bottle of Whiskey?Image via The Kansas City Star

Limited edition apparently just means ridiculously expensive. Michter's Distillery LLC is breaking ground and pockets with its Michter's Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey, which hits select shelves around the U.S. today. The damage? $3,600.

Christian Navarro of L.A.'s Wally's Wine & Spirits told Times LIVE that he plans to charge that much for a bottle, boasting that celebs offered to pay him in advance for them

Just 273 bottles were produced, each was aged for 30 years. While limited-edition American whiskey usually goes for a couple hundred dollars tops, certain cognacs, brandies and scotches are worth thousands of dollars if aged for long enough, hence the price tag for Mitcher's.

[via Times LIVE]

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