The National Zoo Wants Help Naming its Panda Cub

The National Zoo Wants Help Naming its Panda CubImage via Abby Wood/Smithsonian National Zoo

Despite being nearly 100-days-old, the Smithsonian National Zoo's panda cub remains unnamed. In line with tradition, the zoo is asking the public for assistance in its naming process. Some people hold this routine in very high regard because it's their only opportunity to be an influencer.

Voting begins today, offering five Mandarin Chinese choices: Bao Bao; Ling Hua; Long Yun; Mulan (hold the jokes) and Zhen Bao. Voting ends on Nov. 22, and the cub—which now weighs eight pounds—has already begun to crawl and opened her eyes, meaning she really needs a name. 

The name will be announced on Dec. 1, when the cub turns 100-days-old. You can vote here.

[via DCist]

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