McDonald's to Add Third Drive-Thru Window

McDonald's to Add Third Drive-Thru WindowImage via Bloomberg News/ JB Reed

McDonald's looks to speed things up by adding a third drive-thru window. Known as Fast Forward Drive-Thru, the new program should debut at new and redesigned stores next year. Rather than pay for your meal at the first window and pick it up at the second, this new initiative will create an additional pick-up window. 

"It enables customers to pull forward to receive orders at a third window when their order is not yet ready," spokeswoman Lisa McComb told Bloomberg in an email, explaining that this revised process will "enable [McDonald's] to better serve more customers quickly."

Having an efficient drive-thru procedure is imperative to McDonald's success, as up to 70 percent of its sales reportedly come from that line. This streamlined process also aims to put an end to Twitter complaints about slow service and other negative comments.

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[via Bloomberg]

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