Man with Iron Stomach Eats 121 Twinkies in Six Minutes

Some people are so happy to have Twinkies back that they're willing to devour several in one sitting. Like, well over 100. 

This past weekend, Major League Eating held its inaugural World Twinkie-Eating Championship in Tunica, Miss., where Joey Chestnut took the top spot. Chestnut crushed 121 Twinkies in six minutes, shattering Takeru Kobayashi's Guinness World Record for Twinkie eating. That total was 10 more than runner-up Matt "The Megatoad" Stonie and a stunning 50 more than the third-place competitor. 

This is not Chestnutt's first title. The eating competition veteran set another world record, consuming 69 hot dogs at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest in July.

[via The Huffington Post]

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