Don't Worry NYC, That Brown Tap Water Is Perfectly Safe

Don't Worry NYC, That Brown Tap Water Is Perfectly SafeImage via Wikimedia Commons/Matthew Bowden

The sight of brown water typically does bring about the best feelings, but don't worry New York City—the water is safe. A landlord in Turtle Bay told Gothamist that the brown water had been flowing since yesterday night, and attempts to run the water until it cleared up were unsuccessful. 

Per a spokesperson for the Department of Envrionmental Protection, Gothamist learned that the color is the result of maintenance to the water main. In a city with thousands of water mains, many of which are old, maintenance is inevitable. Brown water, however, is not. While the Department of Environmental Protection has declared the brown water to be safe, we'd still advise against drinking it. Just off principle.

[via Gothamist]

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