Cricket Infestation Has Oklahoma Stinking to the High Heavens

Cricket Infestation Has Oklahoma Stinking to the High HeavensImage courtesy of Irwin Thompson (The Dallas Morning News)

There's a mass of crickets inhabiting Oklahoma right now, and a mixture of drought, rainfall and heat can be credited. The overwheling amount of dead crickets and heat has Oklahoma reeking of "rotting flesh" right about now. It's plague season, folks.

Officials are trying to calm everyone down by saying the stench will only remain until the season officially changes, but somelike Brian Jervis of Oklahoma State Universitybelieve it's going to get worse before it gets better. The mass of dead crickets is the fruit of cricket mating season, which involves them congregating, mating and then dying. Their gift to the world, aside from children, is their odor. That odor is only amplified by the summer's heat.

We feel for you, Oklahoma. We really do.

[via Gawker]

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