Find Leftovers and Devour Them Thanks to New App

Find Leftovers and Devour Them Thanks to New AppImage via So Freaking Cool

Unfinished meals will no longer go unfinished, thanks to a brand new app by the name of LeftoverSwap. Say, for example, you can't finish your food. You simply take a picture of it with a description and upload it. Hungry svangers will then be alerted to your the location of you and your leftovers. Everybody wins.

LeftoverSwap takes pride in its waste prevention mission—one group won't have to feel bad about disposing of food they don't want; the other won't have to feel ashamed about desperately wanting to eat leftovers. This might also put an end to that awkward moment when you catch somebody burning a hole through you and your plate of half-uneaten food from across the room. 

[via Gothamist]

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