Ramen Burger Lines Are Getting Longer

Ramen Burger Lines Are Getting LongerImage courtesy of Go Ramen and @ramneburger

Two consecutive weekends of success means the Ramen Burger has earned the public's stamp of approval. After people waited in the rain at Smorgasburg last weekend, creator Keizo Shimamoto created twice as many burgers this time around. This meant even more people who lined up an hour earlier than they did last weekend.

Apparently, there's a debate over what the biggest food craze is this summer: The Ramen Burger or the cronut. The Ramen Burger is the new kid on the block; the cronut got cosigned by Heidi Klum and Emma Roberts got stiff-armed when she tried to cut the line. It isn't a competition until something similar happens, but we're eagerly anticipating a large-scale roll out of the Ramen Burger.

Like, seriously.

[via Gothamist]

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