Crazed Possum Brings the Ruckus to NYC Subway Station

Crazed Possum Brings the Ruckus to NYC Subway StationImage courtesy of William Farrington (New York Post)

Somehow, a large possum invaded the Bryant Park subway station in New York City this morning, scaring the shit out of commuters. Police spotted the possum walking down the station's steps, which sent frightened straphangers ducking for cover.

"People were screaming, 'ah! it's a possum,'” a cop who witnessed the spectacle told the New York Post“People got scared. It was pretty big." The NYPD's Emergency Services Unit arrived and placed the animal in a cardboard box with a restraint lasso. 

A police source is convinced that the possum came from Bryant Park, scurrying across Sixth Avenue before making its descent. According to authorities, it was handed over to Animal Care and Control, who set it free in Central Park.

If this was its first NYC subway experience, it will probably be its last.

[via New York Post]

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