Car Rolls Over in New Jersey, 57 Pounds of Drugs Roll Out

Car Rolls Over in New Jersey, 57 Pounds of Drugs Roll OutImage courtesy of

This is the worst way to get busted. 

On Monday, an SUV was involved in a car accident on Route 78 west in New Jersey, ejecting a package of marijuana from the window. According to authorities, the package is worth $114,00. 

Forty-eight year-old Paulette Murray says she lost control of the vehicle after being cut off by another car. She suffered an arm laceration during the crash that resulted in blood loss; her passenger, 58-year-old Pauline Douglas-Dawkins escaped with just minor injuries. 

Following the carsh, authorities say they witnessed Douglas-Dawkins try to cover what used to be cardboard box with a blanket. That box, which was lined with fabric softener, held a large bundle of marijuana. Additional packages were found inside of the vehicle. 

Douglas-Dawkins was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Murray, who's still in the hospital, will be charged at a later date. 


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