Oregon Woman Loses $500 Worth of Toys to Thief

Oregon Woman Loses $500 Worth of Toys to Thief

A woman had to experience the embarrassment of telling police that she was robbed of $500 worth of sex toys. Chelsey Coutts spent months gathering the collection, which were for a bachelorette party scheduled to take place this weekend. She kept them in the trunk of her car because she didn't want her kids to find them. That's good parenting.

Coutts says having to describe the stolen items in detail (size, color, etc.) was "horrible." Some of the stolen merchandise included penis straws and a 4-foot inflatable penis. So much for subtlety. Haleigh Kirby, the party's guest of honor, was devastated because she knew how long and hard (no pun intended) Coutts worked to amass the collection of grown-up toys. She was probably disappointed for other obvious reasons.

Several of their friends have been kind enough to donate toys in an effort to replace what was taken. That's what friends are for.

[via Gawker]

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