How to Lose Your Summer Fling in 10 Easy Steps

4. Talk About Future Plans

This is going to be hard to avoid, but you must at all costs. On one level, you risk violating the summer fling code by getting too serious, too fast. But on a deeper level, your fling might agree with you and that's when things get bad. You're confused? We understand, let us explain.

For the same reason The Bachelor ends in heartbreak season after season, summer flings don't work out. Everything is just too perfect. It's easy when you're sharing a tire swing and watching a sunset to picture eternal happiness, but that's not real life. Feelings do a complete 180 when she's moving her cat in and forcing three consecutive episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker down your throat. Until you've shoveled a person's car out of three feet of snow at 6 a.m., you don't know true love. Enjoy your summer fling by staying in the moment.

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