10 Signs Your Summer Internship Isn't Going to Get You Anywhere

1. You're Bad At Taking Coffee Orders

"The most important thing I can teach you is to never screw up a coffee order." This was the advice I left my first internship with. Now that we have listed all of these potential pitfalls of unpaid labor, it bears mentioning that interning is about doing bitch work. You will be loading trucks, getting coffee, and crafting boring emails. That's because every job is boring, and your boss didn't get into the field to let interns do all of the fun stuff that they have slaved away for decades to finally be able to do.

Just because you spend a few mornings stuffing envelopes or watering plants doesn't mean that the internship is all for naught. The best gauge of time well spent is if you feel like you are learning how the business works. Do you have a better sense of the your dream job description? Great. Do you see how to get better at the real ins and outs of your desired career? Even better. Are you making connections that will help you land the a paying gig down the road? You've found the holy grail. Don't get us wrong: your internship isn't supposed to be fun and life isn't fair. You just need to make sure that your sweat equity is moving you forward, even if it is only baby step by baby step.

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