10 Signs Your Summer Internship Isn't Going to Get You Anywhere

7. You Don't Have Regular Contact With Your Supervisor

If you see your boss less often than the angels saw Charlie, then you have a problem. While the idea of the enigmatic, jet-setting boss is romantic, it isn't helpful for you. Ideally, you and your supervisor have worked out a plan. You discuss your progress regularly and set goals. This might seem like wishful internship thinking, but it shouldn't. An employer is allowed free labor in exchange for meaningful work experience. It is hard to create a meaningful experience without oversight. If you find yourself toiling away on spreadsheets in a room by yourself, make some noise. If no one listens, then it might be time to make your exit. Don't worry about this hurting you in the long term: no one in the office ever bothered to learn your name anyway, so they won't be able to drag it through the mud.

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