Miami Man Nearly Drowns Trying to Fish Keys From Sewer

Miami Man Nearly Drowns Trying to Fish Keys From Sewer

Don't participate in any underwater activities if you're drunk. Otherwise, you risk losing your life. This nearly happened to Miami resident Richard Brandenburg, who attempted to help a woman who had accidentally dropped her keys into a sewer drain. Brandenburg, 49, explained that he worked in the sewers in the past and knew where her were probably located.

However, before jumping in, he had to go through a ritual—guzzling half a pint of rum to prepare him for the cold waters.

Brandenburg popped up twice to smoke cigarettes (who does that?), but failed to do so a third time, resulting in concern from on-lookers. Authorities were called, and discovered his body several feet away beneath a manhole. Police originally declared him dead, but fire rescue spokesman Capt. Adonis Garcia said he was revived and remains in critical condition at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

[via Gawker]

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