Man Busted in New Jersey with Drugs Inside of Pringles Can

Man Busted in New Jersey with Drugs Inside of Pringles CanImage of Jermine courtesy of the Palisades Interstate Parkway Police.

Some say the thrill of selling drugs is addictive. Once you pop, you can't stop—until you get arrested. A man was recently popped in New Jersey after being caught with a Pringles can containing cocaine. Rasheed Jermine of Spring Valley, NY was pulled over by a Palisades Interstate Parkway officer in Alpine, NJ for driving a BMW with tinted windows and unclear license plates. The officer ended up making quite the score.

After Jermine allowed him to search the vehicle, the officer found a bag containing "more than 100 small aluminum foil wraps, two digital scales and a Pringles can with a false bottom." Inside of the can, the cop found 48 grams of cocaine stashed inside of two sandwich bags. The coke was reportedly worth $2,500.

Jermine was arrested and hit with charges for drug possession and distribution. 

[via Gothamist]

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