10 Signs Your Neighborhood is Becoming Gentrified

3. Dive Bars Are Replaced by Trendy Cocktail Spots

The bar on the corner, the one with the one old man slinging drinks and quirky décor on the walls, is going to close. What will replace it? A soullessly swank spot with a mustachioed bartender in suspenders tossing together artisanal cocktails. He can make any drink you want, provided that drink isn't a cheap beer. If money is an object, be sure to ask what you'll be paying for these pricey concoctions. You might end up spending half a month's rent for a single round if you aren't careful.

While you enjoy your drink (and for that price, you'd better enjoy it), you can marvel at the vaguely old-timey outfits of the staff, the vaguely old-timey font on the menu, and the vaguely old-timey jazzy-bluesy chanteuse tunes emanating from the iPod behind the bar. You can marvel at how it all feels so terribly new. It used to be that you could pay $3.50 for a pounder of some little-known swill and you could even add shot of Old Granddad to make it an even $5.

Now the only thing at the bar for $5 is the cover.

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