The 10 Types of Super Bowl Parties You Get Invited To

The Die Hard's Bash

It's estimated that 115 million people will watch the Super Bowl. The NFL pulls enormous numbers regularly, but a share like that is totally ridiculous. There will be a lot greenhorns watching their first football game of the season. And, undoubtedly, a jerk-off in the living room with a fantasy football championship trophy on his mantle.

This guy wants you and everyone else sharing his sectional sofa to know that he loves football. Even though he can't run a mile without vomiting on himself, he has no problem telling Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs that "he's lost a step" from the comfort of his La-Z-Boy. Since he has crazy Madden skills, he's not shy about offering up some suggestions to Niners coach Jim Harbaugh, either. This is going to be a long three hours.

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