California Senior Citizens Arrested for Lewd Public Behavior

California Senior Citizens Arrested for Lewd Public BehaviorObviously not the backseat for this random act of romance.

When the Valentine's Day bug bites, some people can't help but react in a somewhat inappropriate fashion. Two senior citizens in Sonora, CA were in the mood for love, so they started having backseat love in a barbecue restaurant parking lot. That's where police caught 72-year-old Linda Titus and 62-year-old Gary Wells having sex and hit both with tickets for indecent exposure.

The two reportedly arrived in separate vehicles on Feb. 13 and ordered chicken at Doc’s Texas BBQ & Burgers, shortly before getting it on and poppin' where other customers could see. Authorities were called and made the shocking discovery. Just another day in the life of a police officer.

As for Titus and Wells, it's amusing to know that they're still believers in the anytime, anyplace principle. You're only as young as you feel.

[via The Huffington Post]


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