Anyone Up for $700 Pours of Cognac at Restaurant Guy Savoy?

Anyone Up for $700 Pours of Cognac at Restaurant Guy Savoy?Image of Sommelier Phil Park courtesy of Susan Stapleton (Eater Vegas).

If you're enough of a boss to drop $700 on a pour of rare cognac, we'd implore you to visit Restaurant Guy Savoy in Las Vegas. Located inside of Caesar's Palace, the restaurant recently opened a Cognac Room that will only be fun for those with very deep pockets.

The room features a $500 pour of Rémy Martin Louis XIII, a $600 pour of Hardy Perfection and a $700 pour of Martell L'Or de Jean Martell. According to Sommelier Phil Park, the bar's selection will change constantly because it isn't exactly easy to restock rare bottles once they're finished. 

If you're alarmed by the prices, keep in mind that Restaurant Guy Savoy has the fifth most expensive tasting menu in the United States. It gets that nice when you live that life.

[via Eater]

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