The 50 Coolest Places in New York City Right Now Image via Societe Perrier

Cocktail Bodega

Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Address: 205 Chrystie St.

Besides the fact that this is a Chef Roble joint, Cocktail Bodega is the most versatile spot to eat and hang out at. The food is fantastic. Although the portions are relatively small, the prices are low enough to allow you to order four entrees, or more. The kimchee Reuben is on point, the waffle fries are addicting, and a Cuban Sandwich quesadilla is an all-around A+ idea. Saying the service is friendly doesn't cover the half of it. You'll do shots with your server, and he'll tolerate you asking a million questions about their alcoholic smoothies. After dark, the basement turns into a trap rap heaven with a plethora of poles to dance on and an engaging bar staff. Cockail Bodega is the best of all worlds. -Lauren Nostro

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