Traveling Holiday: On the Road With Rich Medina (Nov. 27-Dec. 16)

Lounge Bar

WHERE: Melbourne, Australia
WHENWednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanks to my brother Chris Gill at Northside Records and DJ Mz. Rizk (Zulu Nation, Melbourne) I got a second booking in Melbourne that week with my man DJ Day. Mike Bee was invited too, but he was in Sydney rocking that night. My friends are fucking animals about work, man. At any rate, I'm walking through the room and run into this dude, Sean McCorkle aka Big Sexy aka one of the most talented MMA fighters in the UFC. I dunno what it is about me constantly running into some of my favorite fighters, but wow. His hands felt like bricks with skin wrapped around them. Incredibly intimidating guy, but a really cool dude to talk to once he realized I was a legitimate fan of his. Wow...

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