Traveling Holiday: On the Road With Rich Medina (Nov. 27-Dec. 16)

Bam Dropping Knowledge

WHERECornell University Rare Books & Manuscripts Archive, Ithaca, NY
WHENTuesday, November 27, 2012 

The book in the god's hands is probably 500 years old. Bam is breaking down Egyptian law, and a number of other things he happens to be extremely knowledgeable about. He was crushing us with data, after our Cornell folks had just finished crushing us with some OTHER data about the same materials. So honored to be a part of all this. Salute Joe Conzo, Crazy Legs, Shakim, and Shaka Zulu who were also in attendance. The three of them made me an Official Zulu Nation member the same night at our party. I was "blowed away" as Magic Johnson would say...

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