Idaho Senator Arrested for DUI in Virginia

Idaho Senator Arrested for DUI in Virginia

Michael Crapo, Republican Senator of Idaho, was arrested yesterday morning for driving drunk in Alexandria, VA. Regardless of social status, Virginia is not a place where you want to get pulled over. Crapo, who was once a bishop in the Mormon church, was pulled over after running a red light and reportedly failed several sobriety tests. After being booked at the Alexandria city jail, he was released on $1,000 bail. 

Following his release, Crapo issed this statement:

I am deeply sorry for the actions that resulted in this circumstance. I made a mistake for which I apologize to my family, my Idaho constituents and any others who have put their trust in me. I accept total responsibility and will deal with whatever penalty comes my way in this matter. I will also undertake measures to ensure that this circumstance is never repeated.

In the past, Crapo has stated that he doesn't drink. Things change.

[via Gawker]

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