From Metropolitan to Marcy: A Walking Tour of North Brooklyn's Bodegas Photos by Ian Stroud

Union Deli & Grocery

Intersection: Union Ave. and Grand St.
Notable Sights Nearby: Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, Union Cleaners

Three bodegas appeared in rapid succession after the Metro Deli: Mojali Deli Grocery, Grand Gourmet, and Union Deli & Grocery. Bodegas display the personalities and cultures of their owners, and, by extension, the clientele, in small ways. There's no room for the eccentricities and flair of a bar or restaurant; bodegas are too utilitarian for that anyway.

A small Puerto Rican flag in the window, several small Indian candies for sale behind the counter, or a poster full of fútbol honeys—these are the ways convenience stores distinguish themselves.

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