The 10 Types of People You See at the Airport

The Slumber Party Attendee

The special day is finally here! Mom and Dad have given their blessing and you'll be spending a night away from the house. No, it's not a sleepover. You're going to the airport. To fly somewhere. So why are you wearing brightly-colored sweatpants, slippers, and a sleeping mask?

"Did you pack your own bag?," the TSA agent asks. And you did, but only with Heath Ledger DVDs and Electronic Dream Phone. Also, you're half-asleep and drooling, the side effects of dressing for a slumber party.

Listen: When you travel in an airplane, you're actually a member of the public. You're actually going to interact with other humans—strangers, in fact. Dress like a real person, not a college student who just stepped out for a dime bag and a Slurpee.

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