The 50 Best New York City Movies

7. Annie Hall (1977)

Director: Woody Allen
Leading Actors: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts
NYC Neighborhoods Featured: Lower East Side; Coney Island, Brooklyn

You'll never think about cooking a lobster the same way again. Then again, you probably don't cook a lot of lobster. That sort of back-and-forth neuroses sums up the experience of Annie Hall pretty succinctly. Though the precise details of this romance come from a very specific milieu, one that continues to be unpacked by Woody Allen to this day, the relationship largely depicts the stages of so many love affairs. Each minute is a kind of truth. One of the first movies to capture the real charm of Allen's self-deprecating intelligence, doing massive work for the sex lives of nervous geeks everywhere, Annie Hall is as exuberant as it is cynical. —GT

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