Buddhabong Presents the Best Green Tea Dessert Spots in NYC

Takahachi Bakery

Address: 25 Murray St. 
Website: n/a

Green Tea Koshi-an Croissant
This croissant has green tea flavor infused into the dough, making for a subtle flavor profile. Still, if you like buttery croissants, you won't be disappointed. The flower-shaped pastry is topped with toasted sesame seeds and contains a red bean paste inside each petal. Perfect while reading the morning paper.

Green Tea Custard Croissant
This fluffy and creamy gem has a green tea mousse filling bursting with flavor. The green tea powder on top adds a slight, complementary bitterness.

Green Tea Crème Brûlée
The crème brûlée is velvety, especially since it's served warm. The caramelization is perfect because it's heated right before serving.

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