10 Ways the 2012 Presidential Election Will Affect College Students

Rising Tuition

If Romney Wins: Romney and Ryan have both urged government officials to address "skyrocketing" tuition, which is encouraging. Mostly though, they’ve used the issue as another sticking point for ousting Obama, which isn’t so encouraging. Romney’s solution to rising tuition? Decrease federal student aid. That’s, in essence, making college more affordable by making it less affordable. Um...

If Obama Wins: Don't expect the President to be of much assistance here. Tuition is on the rise nationwide, and economic forecasters don't see federal relief bucking the trend. President Obama has stated that he wants to combat college costs by rewarding schools that keep fees down with federal money. House Republicans, expectedly, met the idea with abject contempt. And with the national debt continuing to soar, some find it hard to blame them.

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