How To Bring Out Your Girl's Inner Freak

Everyone has a fetish. It’s your job to find hers.

Inside every woman is a sexual beast just waiting to break free. We truly believe that. So chances are, if you haven't seen her wilder side, the issue lies with you. You need to be game to patiently coax it out. 

Think of kinks as a wall of candy in clear plastic bins. Even if you think she doesn't have a sweet tooth, there will be one candy in the store that will make her change her mind. For most women, there are even several. It's your job to diligently try them all with her. Dirty talk leave a bitter taste in her mouth? Maybe role-playing is more her style. Maybe she has a thing for spankings. It's your job to figure out what her flavor of choice is, and encourage her to indulge.

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