Sign This Petition to Save Boston's Sami's

Sign This Petition to Save Boston's Sami's

Though the reason remains shrouded in mystery, Sami’s (167 Avenue Louis Pasteur) is being forced from its longtime spot at Longwood in Boston. Their sister restaurant, Sami’s Wrap n Roll is now Café Beirut; it's been a rough year:

“For the new location we would need the building to supply us with plumbing and electricity, which of course we will pay for. Also, we will pay rent. In a worst case scenario we can build a truck, but we still need permission from the building for the spot.”

Sami's has specialized in quality Mediterranean-style dishes of beef, pork, chicken, and fish for over 30 years, so it would be sad to see it become a victim of circumstance. If you want to rescue Sami’s, sign the petition.

[via Grub Street]

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