Watch a Dog Bite a News Anchor in the Face on Live TV

The startling clip above shows 9NEWS anchor Kyle Dyer being bitten in the face by an Argentine Mastiff on live television.

Dyer was "interviewing" Max, a rescue dog, along with his owner and the firefighter who saved the dog from a pond yesterday. Towards the end of the clip, she leans in to kiss Max, who responds by biting her in the face.

The silence that follows is awkward. Dyer was whisked away to the hospital, and co-host Gary Shapiro released a statement saying that she is “doing incredibly well” after reconstructive surgery on her lip.

Doug Kelley, director of Denver Animal Care and Control, says that Max’s owner will be cited for the dog's attack, for not having control of the dog at all times (leash-law violation), and for not having Max vaccinated for rabies. We bet Dyer will think twice next time she tries to kiss an animal.

[via Westworld]

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