All Hallow's Eve is upon us, and no matter who you are, you are on some step of your life's Halloween journey. In youth, you don a cute ghost costume and puke after one too many Milk Duds. As you reach puberty, you turn in your jack-o-latern candy pail for some toilet paper and silly string, and fancy yourself far more badass than you actually are. Then comes college, where, if you are a lady, you show as much skin as humanly possible, making mundane household objects like a crayon  or remote control into an erotic getup.

If you're a guy, you mistakenly believe that if you find a funny/witty/offensive enough costume, you will flip off the “mute button” on that remote control or take that sexy crayon back to your place and draw outside the lines. And from there, you and said crayon/remote control may just start a home, procreate, and perpetuate this circle of late October life.

No matter what step of the journey you are on, we turn to the same people for Halloween inspiration: celebrities, those bastions of Halloween fashion, who have the time, money, and energy to put into costume planning that us common folk lack. Let us take a moment to look at the celebrities who inspire and appall us with their awesomely awful costume choices. All of you would-be provocateurs out there … please, take notes on the 15 Most Offensive Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time.

Note: The above image shows Justin Bieber wearing the iconic mask worn by Jason in the Friday the 13th films. It's not offensive, only remarkable. May Bieber be a guiding light for all of us, celebrities especially.

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