Chef Eddie Huang is the second generation American-Born Taiwanese (ABT) mastermind behind BaoHaus, the East Village eatery that delivers perfect pork buns and other excellent takes on the street food Eddie grew up eating. The closest Eddie came to “formal” cooking training was from his mother. Influenced by her style, he developed his own unique recipes and techniques by eating out, taking notes, and recreating dishes at home. A hip-hop head, Eddie enjoys watching the Redskins, Knicks, hitting the roor, and hollering at birds. 

Everyone knows D.C. got chili, half smokes, and Ethiopian food. But, instead of the Starvin’ Marvin tour, I got some Chivito, Peking duck, and curry ramen. Bitch better have my sports watch

My first morning in D.C., I walked over to the Lowest Price Gas Station on 14th and W Street for a pack of gummy bears. 

They didn’t have Black Forest but they did have this shit called Fast Gourmet (1400 W Street Northwest), opened by two brothers from Uruguay. Son, I saw crazy visions.

Keep reading for Eddie's review of Fast Gourmet, Peking Gourmet Inn, and a special pop-up joint.

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