This Could Be the Most Expensive House Ever Sold in New York

This Could Be the Most Expensive House Ever Sold in New YorkImage via NY Curbed

The nation of Qatar has just dropped anywhere from $90 to $125 million for an Upper East Side mansion, previously owned by the Wildensteins, a family of established art dealers. Apparently, Qatar wants to use the Beaux Arts townhouse on 19 E. 64th St. as a consulate. Though the New York Post has claimed the value of the mansion to be $125 million, The Wall Street Journal says the purchase totals over $90 million—still though, both are a whole lot of money. 

While this purchase breaks all records for the sale of a New York City townhouse, including a $88 million purchase of a Central Park penthouse in 2011, there's been dispute over whether Qatar's purchase can be considered the city's most expensive residential sale. A Wildenstein spokesperson has said that since the luxurious mansion is a commercial property, it doesn't really fall into the same category as the Central Park penthouse from 2011. 

Such a beautiful home. It's a pity no one will be living in the penthouse, really.

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[via NYCurbed]

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