Jeff Koons Talks About the Design and Symbolism of Balloon Dog

Jeff Koons Talks About the Design and Symbolism of Balloon DogImage via Vimeo

Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog sculptures are among his most well-known pieces for various reasons. Most recently, Balloon Dog (Orange) sold for $58,405,000 which set a new World Auction Record for a Living Artist. In this interview with Sandenwolff, Koons talks about the inspirations behind the entire inflatable series and discusses what Balloon Dog represents for him.

Koons describes the artwork as a "symbol of us." He talks about the literal actions of inhaling and exhaling air and says that we "are inflatables." For Koons, breathing in is a symbol of optimism, while exhaling is a symbol of death, which in turn makes the inflatable sculpture a symbol of "eternal optimism." He goes on to equate the sculpture to a Trojan horse for its perceived emptiness, stating that it "has this interior aspect, being able to parallel life's's having a dialogue with interior life and exterior life."

Jeff Koons on Balloon Dog from SandenWolff on Vimeo.

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