EVER Just Completed a Fiery New Mural in Vienna

EVER Just Completed a Fiery New Mural in ViennaImage via INOPERAbLE

We're obsessed with the mural Argentinean artist EVER just completed for INOPERAbLE. The Buenos Aires-based artist, who is currently traveling around Europe, decided to drop in on Vienna for a week. Inspired by the city, its people, and its museums filled with Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele paintings, EVER completed a piece entitled The Arrival on a wall, alongside two murals done by his longtime friends ROA and JAZ. The latest piece comprises Ever's signature portrait of a person, whose eye sockets have been blocked by bursts of fluorescent colors. And while the image of a person cradling his head between his legs may initially strike viewers as puzzling, the fiery mural may also be the pop of life they need during this chilly month of January. Click through to see his glorious new mural. 

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