Artist Recreates Famous Works of Art as Minimal LEGO Masterpieces

Artist Recreates Famous Works of Art as Minimal LEGO MasterpiecesImage via Marco Sodano

Some people use LEGOs to build pirate ships, and others to re-create Star Wars scenes, but only Italian artist Marrco Sodano has re-created high art using a childhood favorite toy. Sodano has teamed up with LEGO for a concept ad campaign that so far features minimal plastic versions of Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic Mona Lisa and Lady with an Ermine, and Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. The campaign’s slogan is “All the children are authentic artists with LEGO” and serves as a reminder that creativity is something to be fostered in children, encouraging parents everywhere to swap out their 9 year-old’s iPad for and old school classic.

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[via PSFK]

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