Your #Outfitgrid Is Trash Compared to These Well-Known Cartoon Kids

Your #Outfitgrid Is Trash Compared to These Well-Known Cartoon KidsImage via Outfitgrid on Tumblr

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of an #outfitgrid, it is when you arrange and photograph everything from that Supreme beanie, to your Been Trill t-shirt, and down to your Asics Gel Lyte 3s so that people can tell you how fresh they think you are going to look when you pick that ensemble off of the dirty floor and put it on. is a blog devoted to this trend and has collected over 2,000 of the hashtagged photos so far. Illustrator Bryan Espiritu decided to create some grids of his own to show people how it's done, using some of our favorite colorful cartoon characters as the subjects for what he calls his "interpretation of cool kid shit." See if you can identify "5 of the coolest kids in the history of the planet" by their clothes above.

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[via Hypebeast]

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