Huge New Vhils Work Appears in Remote Spanish Village

Huge New Vhils Work Appears in Remote Spanish VillageImage via Arrested Motion / Photo by Ian Cox

Check out the new mural by Alexandre Farto, otherwise known as Vhils, in the remote Spanish village of Tudela De Navarra. It's chipped into the side of the building, rather than painted. The work was commissioned by Avant Garde Urbano, the internationally attractive street art festival that’s growing in prominence. Along with Vhils, there are murals in the small town by Dal EAST, Faith47, Ron English, and others. The exhibition runs through October 27. The festival has also commissioned pieces by C215, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, Ripo, Sixeart, SUSO33, Evan Roth, Filippo Minelli, Buenos Aires Stencil, and others.

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[via ArrestedMotion]

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