An Emoji Art and Design Show Is Coming to New York City

An Emoji Art and Design Show Is Coming to New York CityImage via chinnian on Flickr / Requested Credit

In a time when selfies and cat videos are being taken seriously, of course an emoji art show is a thing. The word was added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year along with "srsly," "bitcoin," and other terms deemed culturally relevant. A large portion of the population use emoji on a daily basis to convey emotion and now the Emoji Art & Design Show is giving those people a chance to share artworks created with the icons.

In explaining the show via their website, the organizers wrote: "In today’s visually oriented culture, which increasingly communicates through images rather than text, emoji comprise a kind of “visual vernacular,” a language that conveys humor, ambiguity and personality as well as meaning." The show will be held at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in New York between December 12 and December 14 and artists have until November 8 to submit works. For more information visit

[via EmojiArtShow]

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