How To Make It: 10 Rules For Success From Art Curators Image via Aubrey Mayer / Requested Credit

Matthew Higgs

White Columns Gallery

Rule: Listen to artists.

"Curators of contemporary art, from my personal experience, don't have any original ideas. This is as it should be. The curator's role is to support the artist and establish a context for their ideas, this is more complicated than it sounds. The artist's role is to make interesting and idiosyncratic art, this is also more complicated than it sounds. Artists ultimately hold all the power in the art world—not critics, curators, gallerists, museum directors, or collectors. It is worth remembering that without artists there would be no art, no critics, no curators, no galleries, no museums, and no collectors." 

Recent Projects:
B. Wurtz "Works 1970-201" at Metro Pictures, New York
"Everyday Abstract - Abstract Everyday" at James Cohan Gallery, New York (an exhibition that considered the relationships between non-representational art and everyday life)
"Dereconstruction" at Gladstone Gallery, New York (an exhibition about art's ongoing engagement with rupture and fragmentation)
"Words Fail Me" at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (an exhibition about art's relationship with language)
"Illuminations" at Richard Telles Gallery, Los Angeles (an exhibition of artworks that contain or depict a light source)

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