Off The Wall: Complex Selects the Art of the Week

Artist of the Week


No matter what you think of Banksy, a pretty heartwarming story came out about him this week. The story goes that Banksy painted a water tank in Los Angeles with the words, "This Looks a Bit Like an Elephant," which collectors subsequently bought after they realized it was done by him. Little did they know that a homeless man named Tachowa Covington had been squatting there for seven years, and the collectors evicted him. Last week, Covington told The Independent that Banksy gave him enough money to live for a year, adding, "There ain't no better man than Banksy...He was an angel to me. He helped me more than anybody helped me in my life." Banksy put his artistic influence and revenue to good use and redeemed himself in the eyes of people who thought he may have selfishly commandeered the space.


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