Nick Cave Presents New Sculptures and Soundsuits at the Denver Art Museum

Nick Cave Presents New Sculptures and Soundsuits at the Denver Art MuseumNick Cave, 2013. James Prinz Photography, Chicago. Courtesy of Nick Cave and the Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.

After participating in the Grand Central Terminal "MTA Art for Transit" program back in March, visual artist Nick Cave is opening a solo show in Denver at the Denver Art Museum (DAM) this month that will last through most of September. The show, entitled "Nick Cave: Sojourn", will feature over 40 new works by the artist including 20 of the artist's signature Soundsuits, works of wearable art that combine sculpture with dance and are designed to make noise with the wearer's movement.

Cave is venturing into new territory with this exhibition, creating larger scale sculptures and introducing more abstract elements and animals into his work. From 16-foot tondos to a passageway adorned with thousands of buttons, Cave designed the show as a journey (or sojourn) through his mind and imagination. As a part of the journey there will also be a collaborative component to the show with local dance groups, DJs, and musicians participating in a Soundsuit performance.

"Nick Cave: Sojourn" opens to the public June 9 and ends September 22. It will be a ticketed exhibition with free admission for DAM members. More information is available through the DAM website here.

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