A Recent History of China's Counterfeit Buildings and Cities

Little Paris

Location: Tianducheng, China

Year built: 2007

The City of Light, City of Romance, and City of High Fashion—Paris—needs no introduction. However, the completion of the Eiffel Tower in 1889 stunned the world in both its scale and modern, exposed metal construction, and it remains one of the most famous landmarks of the world. The Chinese made a Little Paris in Tiaducheng by imitating Paris in the 1860s.

With a population that is heavily restricted, especially with foreign travel, it makes sense that people would bring the outside world in to the country. Nonetheless, Little Paris is not a theme park; it is a residential complex. Currently, the town has 2,000 residents, which is nowhere close to filling its capacity of 100,000. The town is nearly empty, with little street life to be seen. Furthermore, due to the high prices of the properties, the number of residents does not seem likely to rise in the near future, as most Chinese citizens do not make nearly enough to afford the price of such luxurious living.


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