Richard Prince's "Cowboys" Exhibition Opens at Gagosian in February

Richard Prince's "Cowboys" Exhibition Opens at Gagosian in FebruaryRichard Prince, Untitled (Cowboy), 2012, Inkjet and acrylic on canvas

Artist Richard Prince has explored the American cowboy repeatedly in his work, and arguably, this has been his most iconic, referenced motif. The scale and form of his work has changed with technology throughout the years, as he's re-photographed and painted around advertisements, appropriating them ironically and challenging figuration. The exhibition will further bring to light all of his examinations, whether of stereotypes, context, atmosphere, or the body—all through the vessel of the American cowboy.

Visit the exhibition at Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills (456 North Camden Drive) from  February 21–Saturday, April 6, 2013.

[via Gagosian]


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