Mixtapes have been around almost as long as hip-hop has, but the formerly known "party tapes" were not always what they are now. Instead, popular DJs would make and sell recordings of their live performances. Take Grandmaster Flash for example: he could charge a dollar a minute for tapes that lasted between thirty minutes and two hours. Now, just about anyone can make a mixtape (and perhaps too many do).

While the quantity of mixtapes has grown, inversely, the quality of music has decreased, and so has the cover art. We're not saying the quality of the artwork reflects the quality of the music, because in many cases, it doesn't. We're just here to show how some of this year's most talked about mixtapes, and other lesser known ones, may have received the highest ratings based on music, but their aesthetic appeal is, well, not appealing. Music quality aside, here are The 10 Worst Mixtape Covers Of 2012 (So Far).

Written by Lauren Nostro (@laurencynthia)

Tags: mixtapes, album-cover-art, rap
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